Dispelling Myth in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation w/ Bell, Lowenfels & Konjoian

Recorded at IndoExpo Portland 2019 Colin Bell – Mammoth Microbes Jeff Lowenfels – Teaming with Microbes Peter Konjoian …


  1. Great talk Jeff, Colin and Peter. Thx Shango for the upload and your help. I made some science based vids on unlocking the genetic potential of medical Cannabis if anyone is interested. Living soil yo

  2. Leaf stripping is without question a none issue. Guess I'm done with this guy hes a idiot. Indoors there is zero problem with leaf stripping and it is clearly beneficial to the plant I've done a ton of side by sides. One plant being leaf stripped and a identical clone not being stripped. The plants I strip always by far yield at the very least 33% more.

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