DESTROYING this GOP Senator's Argument with MATH "President must VETO $2000 Stimulus"

Dr. Chhoda explores new comments from Senator Rand Paul (Rep-KY) as he encourages the President to veto the entire $900 billion stimulus plan. ✅ ✅ ✅ What …


  1. The problem is that most of the stuff in the bill complaining about is stuff that the white house put in there in the first place. It just goes to show how competent the administration is. The POTUS doesn't even know what his budget consists of.

  2. They are very disconnected about those of us working and receiving nothing that we don’t need anything. There are so many things that are much more expensive. One example, groceries and commodities – I’ve noticed a lot of generic things are empty on our grocery shelves. And even though my husband was on UC for a few weeks due to COVID we missed weeks🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️, (and it’s not like u can talk to an actual person if your checks accidentally stop, it took my son 6 months to receive 11 weeks of PUA) so in my eyes the stimulus checks catch the people who don’t fit the model, they envision when thinking about a stimulus check, that fall through the cracks – or the picture or vision they have when they try to figure out how to “give” us money! The first step is they🥸 MUST listen👂 to us! As far as ditching the fat 🤯😎on the bill to help America 🤲🏼now that’s a novel idea. 👏👏👏I do not look for them to do anything and WILL NEVER depend on them ever again! 🤞🏼💪🏻

  3. Okay ladies and gentlemen you heard it from the senators and from the doctor the only way to stop both sides from spending us out is my hiring new senators and new Representatives there is no other way around it we must primary every one of these people out Republican and Democrat it is no longer about Republican and Democrat it is about saving our Republic

  4. I agree. I support the $600 but as compensation for destroying Americans lives and open up the damn economy for fuck sake. The virus is a hoax. The doctors are dancing again. They are mocking us.

  5. The problem is Trump never cared about putting other countries first, so why does he care now? He doesn’t care, he’s on a road to destroy everything and anything because he lost election. His day is coming

  6. Oh yeah this guy's a Bonafide 💯% fucken genius in a middle of a full-blown pandemic we got to open up the economy we got to open up restaurants bars movie theaters have everybody crammed in and hug each other hell let's have a big ass orgy just massive covid-19 fections all over the place that's what we need people to just open up Wtf get out of here with that bullshit check it you really must think people are stupid sorry I forgot half the country is🤣

  7. Look at the SPOILED LITTLE RICH KID, Second Generation Politician never had to work for anything—- SHUT THE HECK UP YOU ENTITLED SISSY, maybe your neighbors will beat you up again?—- Your Trickle Down Economics is a SCAM, Your PPP Loans were a SCAM- you gave millions to corporations and let the Ownership keep 35%, your Fake Libertarianism is a SCAM…. How about instead of using Labels like "Socialism" as some trigger word you explain your economic theory that isn't driven by consumer spending? Oh Wait, it doesn't exist—— Without Consumer Demand there are no jobs and you know that? Thinks he is the smartest guy in the room, when he is really just the biggest entitled douche

  8. Rand Paul is a far right wing senator. It's people like them him who have held up the stimulus for the last 6 months. He talks about "socialism".. but he is just as far to the right as a "socialist" is to the left.

  9. These people aren’t spending money on BULL SHIT …but yes they are lining their pockets with a few mill here a few mill there ,
    All in the name of jogging lizards and selfies…GET EM OUT ALREADY STOP VOTING ON ANY OF THEM .

  10. So Senator Paul must think it is not a SOCIALIST act to give BAILOUTS to big corporations BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES remember 2008 , Industrial Farming ,Oil Companies this thrifty spending at the tax payer exspence has gone on since the illegal act of 1913. INCOME TAX!
    Now it's based on CREDIT which is DEBT. He and others like him Mr. Paul are telling us the tax payers that if we get our own tax paid money back from them Congress it's all of a sudden SOCIALISM but Congress give them self RAISES so lets put a stop to Congress giving them self raises.
    They circumvent the constitution then cry about how much of their RIGHTS are being taken away.
    So ask your self what does a rich person and a undocumented alien have in coming?

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