DEFOLIATION OF CANNABIS PLANTS! Week 4 of flower update in 5×5 grow tent! Higher yield guaranteed!

Today we are going to talk about defoliation! Leaf stripping, defoliation, pruning, same thing just with different words! Help those bud sites reach maximum size …


  1. I'm in week 4 feeding with 8 plants and I'm using General Hydroponics (GH) Flora Series or the Advance Nutrients (AN) Jungle Juice (They're literally the same thing you can use interchangeably and the AN version is cheaper. just feed it like you would the flora series). I use 3/4 tsp grow per gal, 2 tsp micro per gal, and 3 tsp bloom per gal in flower. I also use 1 tsp per gallon of AN Bud Candy (carbohydrates), and I'm feeding AN Big Bud Coco (It has cal/mag in it) 1 tsp per gallon for 9-10 gallons total. My PH is at 6.1. You don't have to use AN or GH, but they're such an easy-to-use base nutrient program and it makes it easier to add additional supplements.

    I want my mix at no more than 1200 ppm, so if I mix it a bit rich I'll just add additional water (My water has super low ppm) to dilute it down to 1100 or so. Because Coco is a drain-to-waste medium it's really nice because it only retains so much water so you can't over water it and if you do add more water, it just serves to rinse out the old accumulated salts and replace fresh nutrients. Keep your room around 70-80 degrees and 40-55% humidity with good air flow and you can't mess it up.

  2. This is NOT rocket science. See that fan leaf.. yeah ? See where it connects to the stalk?…. yes? . THAT is called a node, buds grow there.. that connection and its bud ( that will form at the node ) is fed from photosynthesis from energy produced from its direct FAN LEAF. Take some to allow airflow, and some light penetration, but too many is not beneficial. Your plants can only transpire ( move nutrients = make buds ) through their leafs, taking too many forces the plant to transpire through the bud sites more, this moves nutrients slower.. I. E smaller buds. Next grow do a controlled test, try to make a mat of bud ( scrog ) by training the 0lant down to trellis net.. then trimming is easy.. everything below the net. Take select leafs if they rest upon each other 🙂

  3. Some of you that's are saying not to do this, don't know what the fuck your talking about! I defoliated this sour strain on week 6 veg and the growth was back in 3 days full…. took all the fans off… grew more. I had to fully defoliate just to get back light penetration. You have to know the strain! Period. Or your guessing. I've yet to see monster kolas with out defoliating and lst ! 90 percent is fine. I wouldn't do this in week 6🤨, but early flower, Hell yeah. You better shit

  4. if u want bigger yields then LST and topping is the best way but it is always best to do this in the veg stage. lolipop & super crop should b done on week 2 of flower this gives the plant enough time to bounce back and will double in size. THOSE LEAVES ARE THERE FOR A REASON if you want to strip the leaves back then leave them until u start the flush stage this gives the plant help to flush your product in stead of all them fan leaves…. maybe try adding another scrog them plants look to leggy this is my opinion anyway hope this helps you and other happy growers 🙂

  5. My first grow I'm in week 2 1/2 today, beautiful white hairs all over I'm planning on about a 50% defoliation to get more light to my lower sites wish I could upload a photo to comments

  6. I've never regretted defoliation. I do it every grow. It's always been great. I end up with very long full colas. It's awesome. Those of you saying otherwise needed to try it.

  7. This is what you should be doing in VEG or a week 2 at a push from harvest, NOT WEEK 4 FLOWER jheeeeeeze have you any idea how much stress them baby’s are feeling right now. 😢 They should be loving life getting fed & getting fat.

  8. Bro that tent is foxtail city!! Too much defoliation that’s why buds are so small and not connected you remove all the solar panels for plant to absorb light to use as energy. You need those leaves, only remove the ones on lower canopy(lolipop) not up top those leaves are needed for the flowering. You can remove or ideally bend large fans on upper canopy to allow air flow not light

  9. Thanks for sharing this video, very informative! Was just wondering, is it better to defoliate in the earlier week's of flower? I've heard a lot of people saying to do it in week 2 or something. Also did you clean the bottom where it looked naked on week 4 as well?

  10. Those are small for week four! Jesus my colas have pretty much almost joined up to half the way down already(4 weeks)…I have never done defoliation to this extent but I believe they require the sugars from. photosynthesis to produce big blooms…I take all the fans from the middle of the plant that cover the inner sights…but on the outside of the plant I leave them. I feed with every feed, I uses coco, perlite and clay ball medium. Your flowers should be well more advanced than that at this stage. Try just taking strategic leaves and leaving the outside, it will make a huge difference. I feed every water until the last 5 days, then I just give plain phd water that's it.

  11. Don't do this if you still experience some (leaf)problems into floweringperiod. Only do this if you are an advanced grower and know exactly what you are doing with feeding regime.

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