Current Culture H2O Marijuana Hydroponics Grow using the UnderCurrent System

System Break Down, Set Up, Grow. These are the steps that I go through after every cycle. I also did a lil remodel to my flowering room (added another LightRail …


  1. Badass setup! New subscriber here. This will be my bucket list setup for sure. Missouri just got the green light for medical. Plan on cultivating it here in a couple months 🤙🏼

  2. So you veg in dirt and then transplant to current culture system after plants get to 18"-20"?
    How well do your plants do during this time, Do they go into shock at all?
    what grow light/size wattage would you recommend for my veg room? I'm getting another tent (4×8) and would like to veg between 10 plants and then pick the best 6 out of 10 and transfer them into my 8×8 tent using my 8 gallon current culture system.

  3. Your ging to want to move your water chiller out of your grow space,….it works like a heater placed in there! your not gaining a lower root temp when your pumping the heat back into the air space filled by your plants. Trust me when you start having out of control humidity issues the culrit will be the heat comming off that chiller,……

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