Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

From Julien Temple (“The Filth and the Fury”), CROCK OF GOLD details the iconic punk poet Shane MacGowan’s explosive existence, from his youth in rural …


  1. This was a really good film but I wish it went into his life basically from 1992-2015 since he made two albums with the Popes and was arguably at the lowest point in his life in the late 90s. It was basically his life until the end of the Pogues and then how he's been the last 3 years or so

    I loved it still

  2. The emphasis on Shane’s origins in Tipperary and how his early experiences absorbing Ireland’s culture, his family’s emigration to the U.K and the alienation that it brought, and then is entering the punk scene only to experience that, his sense of being an outsider as the catalyst for his great awakening to become musician he is was really demonstrated in a touching, subtle way.

  3. Amazing! It is so beautiful land and music 🎶, sad history that breaks my heart 💔, hopeful people fighting for a bright future, this documentary is going straight to my heart! ♥
    Thanks! ~♥~

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