Commercial Cannabis Grow in Switzerland! 😀

Hey guys, I had such a blast filming this video. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible. This video I do a walk through of a licensed cannabis grow in …


  1. You guys should hit Nevada over hear in the states. Lots of Rockwool culture with some beautiful flood tables for the city inns and a handful of old timers who still can't give up the buckets are still around to. Up in the sierra lots of dirt scientist up in them there mountains coming back down in October with green gold. Stuffs all legal here to so feel free to get as high as possible, worst they can really do is take your green or DUI you for driving with lit spliff. We've got this OG that's been floating around for the last few years called Tahoe OG after the alpine lake near Reno NV, You guys really should see what your fam in the US have been up to lately. I'm telling you now we've got these plants Blown up right.

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