Colorado: Did marijuana legalization work?

Six months ago, Colorado became the first American state to allow the legal sale and distribution of marijuana. We at Breaking The Taboo had a look at the …


  1. Nothing has changed for the better or worse for regular people in Washington State, except that no one is being arrested for petty marijuana related incidents anymore. It is illegal to drive intoxicate on anything intoxicating, including many prescription mood pills, and mind pills, like the meth that doctors prescribe to people with ADHD. Yet, people taking prescription mind bending drugs are rarely addressed by the state. Previously, law enforcement efforts against marijuana had little to anything related to DUI prevention, and everything to do with silly tax generating easy busy work that the police were once engaged in as part of the broad reaching historically rooted efforts of the War on Drugs. 

    Fortunately Richard Nixon is no longer with us, and the deranged ideas he had about waging a war against the public to stop drugs is finally fading from the public consciousness, the no nonsense President Clinton speaking to this issue by saying "If all you do is try to find a police or military solution to the problem, a lot of people die, and it doesn't solve the problem. "

    People all around the world are sobering up to the reality that marijuana is a soft drug, one that reduces stress and anxiety, encourages forgiveness and the forgetting of negative memories. The medicinal power of marijuana has long been a cultural mainstay in the alternative medicine scene, especially for the suffering management of cancer patients, many of whom make a complete recovery while using marijuana to help them regain their apatite. People of all types, across all culture, throughout history have used cannabis to deal with menstrual pain, to cope with psychological stress and anxiety, and to relax and let go of negative toxic ideas and emotions. 

    Anyone sophisticated on the subject of marijuana understands how it works, the compounds in the plant that give it all natural medicinal properties. Many peer reviewed scientific research papers speak to the medicinal utility of the cannabis plant and its active components. Big Pharma admitted that they are not interested in Marijuana because they cannot patent plants. That sectors own internal research shows that the cannabis plant contains many important safe powerful natural substances that help the immune system balance, reducing pressure, swelling, and pain in injured tissue systems.

    There is a difference between eating marijuana for medicinal properties and smoking it to get high, although both are effective routes for administering the active substances. The truth is the solution. If we want people to make informed personal choices about anything, they have to have the truth, not a DARE program full of lies.

    DARE is the reason I first tried something other than Marijuana. After I first smoked pot at a party, I started an internal debate about what I was taught in the DARE program. I figured out that DARE taught me a lot of untrue things about Marijuana, and this caused me to question everything else in the program. I became suspicious of corporations and of the state, since the DARE program was an extensive expensive effort to disseminate information to people. Who's motives were represented by the DARE program. Nancy Regan was actually the key architect to the ""Just Say No" media campaign to brainwash American's with the notion that all drugs are evil. She was well meaning, and frankly probably never understood the scientific truth about Marijuana. 

    Speaking of scientific truth, Richard Nixon was outraged when a panel of scientists tasked with reporting about Marijuana came back with the official recommendations that the government make it legal, that it is not harmful to the human body or mind, and that previous reports about marijuana were fabricated by the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors who saw marijuana as an uncontrollable competitor to their products that anyone could grow anywhere with little knowledge, at low cost, using existing indoor gardening techniques, in secret, in the privacy of their homes. 

    I know someone who was once drinking 30 to 40 drinks per week, who started using marijuana after Washington Legalized it, who now only consumes a few drinks per week. This is exactly why the Alcohol industry has been lobbying for decades to keep the state from legalizing marijuana. Around $320 billion per year is spent on the war on drugs, some of the largest corporate contributors to this war are in the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors. I wonder why …… 

  2. Heya, great video. Found out about your stuff through the Virgin blog. 

    If you want more information about how the illegal marijuana trade in CO has been affected by first medicinal and then recreational sale over the last several years, I spontaneously wrote a Reddit comment a few weeks ago on the subject.

    I'd really be interested in any thoughts/questions on it. I'm planning to write more on the subject in the future, ever since I learned from the response to the Reddit comment that this is something a lot of people want to know about.


  3. As a Colorado resident I feel as though its been positive. Its taken a small piece of power away from true criminals. The only real problems involve traveling out side of Colorado. Neighboring states are targeting Colorado license plates. Being from Colorado has become "probable cause" to our neighboring state police. The prohibition supporters also complain about out of state citizens assuming all Colorado citizens are potheads.

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