"COLD BLOODED"! Hellmuth GOES OFF after losing big pot!

A the PPT in 2004 Hellmuth was playing well, but just couldn’t fold this hand! The #1tripz1 (aka 1trips, 1trips 1) rare #poker hands playlist featuring Phil Hellmuth, …


  1. As soon as the guy flatted the flop, it's obvious he had a flush draw. That flop is way too textured even for AK offsuit to let another card come off. When a third spade hit, Phil should have checked it down from there. There's no reason to bet that river. If Phil really wanted to see the flush, he could have check called the river. This is the most basic of shit and Phil knows better. He thinks guys are coming for him and doing massive bluffs to show him up on TV. That guy isn't going to risk his tournament on a bluff there.

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