After opposition stormed on the government’s proposal to cultivate cannabis on medical purposes, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has clarified that the state the …


  1. Oh…New President Elect Biden with his new Congress are working to repeal the federal ban on Marijuana. Persons that were arrested and in jail from strick Marijuana laws are being released. The US realized they made a mistake to ban it completely. Of course they are going to still limit its production and have continued enforcement. However people caught with personal use of Marijuana will no longer be prosecuted.
    India never wanted to ban Marijuana as we have been using it for thousands of years but they were strong-armed by the US on world wide ban.
    I would encourage the opposition to work with the government because it is a benefit to our Goans. Look at how other countries are structuring their laws and do the same! Do not deny Cancer patients and those dealing with debilitating pain this medication.

  2. Stopping this medication from reaching Cancer patients is not a victory!!! You are now denying them the ability to live relatively pain free in the last few years of their life. Nothing to celebrate about! Your job is to make sure the law is written with enough teeth in and enforcement to protect the cultivation and sale of this beneficial product.
    Every country is now reversing the decision on the ban, as the benefits outdo the risks, like i said. Newer and newer strains are developed to treat various ailments, this drug holds so much promise!

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