Change Your Brain | Dr. Daniel Amen | STP #243

Psychiatrist and NY Times best selling author, Doc Amen, stops by to discuss the problem with traditional psychiatry, ways to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, and …


  1. The fact that big corporate fast food restaurants were able to thrive during COVID times was really validating of my theory. That America as a whole can’t survive currently without fast food it’s the convenience and inexpensive but at the detriment of our healthcare system. Psychiatrist should have a more integrated approach like this dr . I’ve had a few head injuries as a kid but never had a dr make connection of depression and head trauma makes perfect sense though

  2. We need a national emergency declared on brain health and this doctor needs to head up the response. I take all the supplements at, filter my water from fluoride and, only eat organic. Love the tip to eat all colors of food! You brought me so much confirmation and joy this morning Jessimae. This made my day already. Thank you and Merry Christmas 🍄🎅🏻🌲

  3. The only healthy fats are animal fats. Look into We Want To Live, it will spell it out. Other than that he's bang on. It is all physical, we are in physicality, it isn't cos you shat yourself on the bus home from school once, or the dog you had since you were 6 died on Christmas day, your brain and body are broken. Well done for uncovering this objective truth in an inverted reality, it isn't easy. However, it infuriates me slightly to hear other untruths surrounding physicality, namely nutrition. I hope youre open-minded enough to look at the facts of who we are. Aajonus Vonderplanitz gd place to start.

    Weed is not detrimental to the brain if you are eating your natural detoxifying diet of raw animal fat. I know from experience, it will heal your brain while smoking, this is the power of animal fat to the brain. It sounds counter intuitive as something to be doing in this state, but healing from a brain injury sucks and weed is good for pain. No doubt you'd heal quicker without the weed, but you need the fat – NO healing of the brain will happen without animal fat. Supplements are toxic and not found in nature. We are biological not chemical, supplements are nothing more than chemicals dressed as food ie. they will NEVER heal you. This is our reality. Weed is found in nature. (Edit: the weed i smoke is)

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