Cannabis confusion: How Idaho State Police test hemp and marijuana

With federal laws clashing with Idaho’s over hemp, confusion on the differences between hemp and marijuana continues. KTVB’s Shira Matsuzawa talks to Idaho …


  1. You have to test the levels not the presence. You can't arrest LMAO Hemp has been legalized for farming and educational purposes federally. State law is void regardless because federal supercedes state and state supercedes local.

  2. Just because this hemp might be over a little,they are going to arrest the driver and confiscate it. It's still too little to get high off of it. So the police are trying to kill an industry that was killed decades ago before. All in the order of money! Because they are losing money from legalization of it

  3. Idaho cops are ignorant. You now have a new cash crop that can be taxed like crazy, generating tons of revenue for you. Now you’re putting a company out of business, over non smokeable product! Talk about cutting your own throat, lmfao! Well gosh Andy, it looks like the devil’s lettuce!- Barney Fife

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