Cannabis and Hair Growth – What's The Reality?

What does cannabis really do for hair growth? In this video, we explore the realities of cannabis and hair. Claim your FREE Derma Roller: …


  1. i can tell that smoking weed all day for weeks cause hair thinning. i started using minox+topical fin , seeing great results , want to start smoke again. but i'm afraid weed will start thinning hair again. anyone been in same situation?

  2. so is these in everyone? because I know people who have been smoking for 30+ years and have full set of hair, long hair to there waist and dread locks, what about people like snoop dog or seth rogan who are known to smoke a lot but they don't have hair loss. is it just my body that for some reason is a shitty body that can effect it or what?

  3. Great info buddy. I started researching about this because I had controlled my hair loss for very long, and suddenly I started to notice that I have lost a lot of density this year. I have been smoking A LOT of weed for the last 6 months… like every day. I realized that I became really anxious about everything and easily stressed when I was high. I thought this could correlate with my hair loss, but I had not idea it would affect my hormones aswell. Thank you for sharing your hard work!
    Do you think I can recover the hair I lost?? Or is it possible to stop it at least of I stop smoking? Altho.. I have already decided I will stop once for all, it is not bringing joy in my life anymore, in fact, all the opposite.

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