Breakfast Television: Canadian Cannabis Legalization

POT TV – Breakfast Television gets Jodie Emery’s reaction on Canada’s cannabis legalization. Jodie Emery puts perspective on a small victory on the road the …


  1. It sometimes pays to wait the process out instead of jumping the gun and getting yourself some trafficking charges. Oh well, it was worth it, because otherwise nobody would have been able to score weed in Toronto, right? Some people just cannot stay out of trouble, they're compelled to step over the red line even when all they gotta do is wait a few months and the line would be gone. Let this be a lesson to you, kids, always protest within the current bounds of the law, unless you really like jail, as the Emery's are known for. Sure, you'll get attention, but is it worth it? Just walk down the main street naked, probably just a small fine.

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