Bitcoin (BTC) Stocks Continue Upward!! Cannabis Legalization In USA – Mexico Soon? The Scoop

Our favorite crypto stocks led by Bitcoin (BTC) were up big today along with the hope of cannabis legalization in The USA and Mexico. One of the leading Mexico …


  1. Yeah I noticed the dip on PCLOF, but I’m not worried! Think I’m gonna sell-out of my SLVR position and allocate those dollars toward PCLOF. And you’re close Mick: See-eh’-low ::::: In addition as a follow-up, TSNP just might become a Super Baby Knockout! 💥🥊🦘 It turns-out to be a potential crypto related play as well! Keeping my eyes peeled just in case of an upcoming dip however. Happy trading and investing! 🍀🍀🍀

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  3. Hey Mickey ,

    The reason PCLO went down today is because there revenues are down 97.9% QoQ. (Financials are out today) they made 25k in the whole quarter. CEO got pretty muched fired. I see all those things as huge redflags. How are you still bullish after that disastrous quarter ?

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