Biology Bomb for your Cannabis Plants

Tyler the renaissance man whips up some locally sourced Maine ingredients to create a biology bomb for the worms and microbes in his living soil raised beds.


  1. Nice to find another grower using No-Til and vast diverse microbial inputs. It's great to see all the hyphae…Yesterday, I just put some banana's under some stones in the grow for the same reasons. Lovely to see all the companion plants and the humidifier.
    Really glad to see your grow because I was just looking for more panels and discussions on advanced/ancient growing techniques on the channel and randomly saw this video. Everytime I find another grower with this approach I'm always super happy there's more and more of us, thank you for getting the messaging out about this approach.

  2. I used to be all for organic but i realized my favorite smoke from the dispensary is grown aeroponics and hydroponics so i thinknim going to switch from organics to hydro

  3. Over the winter time some of my mushroom cultures got contaminated so I mixed them up in about 50 gallons of this seasons Gro I'll keep you updated it was mostly rye berries,vermiculite,perlite and coconut coir🤞🍄🌲😁🤘

  4. As americans alot of the Awesome farming practices that flourished and were top shelf producers (alot home based farms) that fed communities via farmers markets making a HUGE comeback eastcoast esp vermont……..hopefully will encourgae everyone to be self sufficient in their gardens, even if you dont have access to a plot go to the city and ask for some garden plot space…….do yourself a favor……be a warrior in the garden………not a gardener in a war.

  5. So U saying putting a moist fruit near the cannabis would bring beneficial bacteria & predator bugs. So well worth it? I'm having a big problem with spider mites in my green house.

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