Big Buds Autoflower Seed to Harvest Indoor Grow!

In this video I highlight a small 3 plant marijuana autoflower grow using a Mars Hydro SP3000 LED light, and NukeHeads signature autoflower. Enjoy! Instagram …


  1. Very nice grow I’m Drying some purple lemonade right now from A sp3000 and 4×2 Mars sent over and wow the light is killer! Any tips on the age restriction stuff? All my videos are getting tagged right now.

  2. Your seed to harvest video has very high video production quality’s I’m not sure you are properly valuing your time and effort by growing autos indoors. How many hours of labor did you spend on what, six ounces? Let’s just say 200 as the bottom for a zip that kinda devalues your time. I know you are doing a lot of these for m hydro and that’s cool. I am just now putting the final touches on my 4-8 flood table that has 20 clones on it I just finished the last 12 forbidden fruit clones I bought that were rooted in a plug then grown in a 3” pot in soil I had to rinse off the soil to transplant to the rock wool cubes. I’m gonna send some shots, I would like to have you document this effort I would let you use it. All of the genetics are high caliber thc percentage and I have high aspirations for a high yield ???

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