1. I’ve been dabbing d8 for a few months now. It’s really helps my chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. So far I’ve stocked up on 6oz and I love mixing terps and other minor cannabinoids to make my own dabs. My favorite combination is D8 with CBD and CBN. Great high and great pain killing effects.

  2. you are completely right!! why now feel good in life. Make it so life can be lived from from one that lived in constant pain until medical marijuana!! Thanks for the the informational video

  3. I would love to try delta8 i have rods an screws in my hip an leg so if it helps with pain i want to try it an thats allsome to stop the problems of tomer growth thats great u tell get things allways great info

  4. My first time to hear about delta8! I have fibromyalgia and my neck is fused from vertebraes 4-7 so l know is would help my problems! As always you are amazing! Thanks honey much love and respect!

  5. This is very interesting Star. Thanks for this info. I'm in Philly and although it's medically legal, good luck finding a doctor who will get involved. I'm sure because they get too many kick backs from the drug companies. smh

  6. I will be doing some research on it, cuz fuck! 1974? That's a long time to know about something and not share it. Everything that is healthy for us is expensive. A salad costs more than a burger with everything, fries, and a Coke… Makes no sense to me…

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