Beginner Outdoor Grow Tips

Master your legal Cannabis garden: search, “420 Growers Club” on your web browser Learn 5 tips that will help you achieve great results with your legal …


  1. Great video, thank you! I’m an Arizona resident and am planning to attempt my first outdoor grow and this really helps. Any additional tips would be appreciated. Thank you! 💚

  2. I bought some Jellysicle #1 strain and I found 4 brown seeds at the bottom of the container. I'm planning on planting those outside. I live in AZ and winter is about to start. Any recommendations to avoid freeze? To make sure they grow as healthy as they can be? This will be my first time ever growing. I'm planning on doing it outside in pots. Thanks!

  3. I have 2 outdoor potted plants. They're about 9 days old now. I'm in Mississippi and usually it doesn't start getting cold until the later days or even the end of November. They sprouted on August 1. I should be ok right?

  4. Half of my plants are in the first week of flower and the other half are in the 2nd week of flower. A lot and I mean a lot of the fan leaves are turning yellow and dying off. Is that a nutrient deficiency? I've never experienced it this bad in previous years. We have had a lot more rain this year than normal. Im in West Ky.

  5. Yo is timing mainly relevant if you live in an area with a cooler fall/winter cause I live in LA just got a blue dream clone that’s about 12 inches I’m planning on growing outdoors the nighttime temp stays around 60+ and daytime temp even in fall never really drops below 74

  6. When you said genetics you brought up a good point after about 2010 you could not touch good to next but now 2020 pretty much any seed you come across at any decent bag weed will be 20 times better than anything you can buy from any seed company that is facts

  7. Noobs screw up their gardens from over handling…. KISS rule…. It doesn't require THAT much of your time…. Noobs first year… Get a bag of miracle grow and plant a seed or two… Fem seeds only…. Learn the plant this first year…. Don't look at lots of vids….. Just make sure not to over water or under water…. Learn your plants…. Read them….. If you can't grow flowers or veggies you are not going to succeed the first couple times…. They are weeds

  8. I fuck wit you man. I subscribe 100p i got going rn n a lot u sed manz already dun artificial light then harden on windowsill im in Windsor Ontario. That snow rain sun lmao is a FACTT. Be easy bro.

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