1. I smoke a lot because of chronic anxiety, and my depression which has also worsen, and terrible insomnia (only getting 1-4 hours) When I’m high I feel fine, normal I’d say. I tried to quiet and it all came back to me. Before I used cannabis I was practicing breathing therapies but never worked. What else should I do? I don’t want to be a daily pot smoker and don’t want to smoke with my first child on the way.

  2. I think quitting alcohol was easier for me than quitting marijuana. Because it’s basically promoted by people as a non harmful way to have fun. But it’s harmful because you waste time feeling happy without actually doing anything productive and drains your money. Plus when you stop people who smoke want you to smoke because it some how it kills they’re mood not seeing you on their level.

  3. Second time of going cold turkey after months/years of heavy use. This time is exponentially worse. Day 6 or so and have extreme anxiety attacks that last for hours. I have been getting two of these a day. Generally starting around midday and another when winding down for bed. I just want it to stop. I will continue to push. Your voice is very calming. Thanks

  4. Let the negative thoughts come and go don't add your emotions and energy to it and it will be cleaned it self

    Do not give. Your privilege to others to make you feel sad happy fearful hopeless
    Don't be consequences of other people opinion
    Love your self more let the situation through whatever it's ugly bad see the things as it is no matter what it is
    Every thing in you to decide,…..

  5. Great video. You live in Brazil do you ever drink yerba mate in the morning? I know that's big in latin america. Im I'm the same boat as you. Thanks for sharing you will be able to do it.

  6. I have struggled with weed for 7 years. Up to 10 spliffs a day and finally broke free! Follow to see if you can too…@t – 5 books that will change your perspective on weed!! Many more to come!!!!

  7. My problem is I would smoke on and off before this one month that I smoked consistently. I’m having a hard time figuring out if my anxiety symptoms are from withdrawal or an underlying condition. My anxiety has been strong for the 3rd week now and it’s hard to cope. I’ve had constipation for a week or two already and my big toes tend to hurt sometimes. My heart rate is always up and by always I mean most of the time. I feel everyone’s story here is a different because they say they’ve smoked for 10+ years without stopping and I haven’t done cannabis for this long or this consistently. I just really want to know if it’s because of cannabis or not. I noticed that every time I take in sugar my anxiety symptoms go spiraling. If anybody can give me an idea of what I’m going through that would help so much.

  8. It’s crazy to see how many differently lives are affected the same way with and without smoking. I personally have been thinking of quitting, and I’ve done it before, but I was in a rollover last year and fell off a roof this summer. Lost my job because of the injury. Not really educated or experienced enough to get better job, so I’m working two jobs and going to school online. I have no friends and my family just cannot relate to me, I feel like they are a tribe that I’m not a part of. I’m filled with so much anxiety and thoughts of worthlessness (and physical pain in my neck and lower back/SI joint) that all these “excuses” give me reason to keep smoking, but at the same time I feel like quitting will make my life better. Yet, some part of me still feels like I’m going to be dealing with every problem I’m dealing with now, but without out the support of Mary. I feel like that’s my only support network, because I have no one in my life to share the same thoughts, interests, ideas, activities, and I’m so busy with my schedule and physically drained to try other things. I also go to the gym 3-5 days a week and eat moderately healthy, very little junk food and meal prep most the week. I think I’m doing all I can to improve myself daily yet I still want to off myself 16/7

  9. Vce fala ingles sem sotoque. Vce ache que voce pode ser autistica? Vce disse que o a ansiedade estava andes a marijuana. Tenho muitos dos mesmos problemas de ansiedade e depressão que você, e isso é causado pelo autismo. Tratava minha ansiedade e depressão também com cannabis. Tenho muitos dos mesmos medos que você.

  10. I’ve been smoking weed since high school, I’m 25 now and this is my 3rd time quitting. I’m on day 2 and today I feel super irritated and didn’t eat till 6 pm, I wake up at 6 am so that’s a fat minute. Im very serious about never going back to it. Baths before bed have been helping but my sleep is very minimal. We got this you guys! Words of encouragement would be nice

  11. Day 4. I feel like WW3 is about to start, my anxiety is through the roof, and I feel like I need to go back to weed at this moment because it seems as if it gave me clearer thoughts, but I know it has caused this problem for me.

  12. My life has been a disaster since I quit smoking cannabis. I’ve been having the worst panic attacks, feeling paranoid, and sometimes I feel like I’m dying. Thank you for this video. It has helped my anxiety by a milestone.

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