Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Iron Man Mark I Helmet!

Continuing his work on his Iron Man Mark I armor costume, Adam turns his focus to the helmet. The helmet that came with the costume is painted resin, but …


  1. As a one day build idea, or as another prop costume project maybe Adam would be interested in making Sam Bridges's (Norman Reedus) porter uniform from the video game Death Stranding? I think he would appreciate the mechanical design of the equipment in that game, and also the suit has a really cool cowl that activates autonomously when rain is detected. Guillermo del Toro also had a hand in development for the game, and I know how much Adam likes his work.

  2. What I love about your modification and modelling videos specifically, is that you stride forward fearlessly to each new step in the process even if you're not certain of what comes after it.
    If it was me, I'd be staring down my bit of kit, umming and ahing, not wanting to proceed until I am completely sure I won't ruin the thing.

  3. I've noticed (obviously it's an occupational hazard) you cut your hands making various projects. Instead of using plasters, just hold the cut together and put a dab of super glue on the cut to seal it. It's sterile, Instantly stops it bleeding and gives it a protective layer that comes off naturally as your skin sheds.

    For anyone who didn't know, Superglue was originally used in WW1/2 as a patch up for battle wounds…. That's why Superglue sticks skin together faster/more effectively than any other material. 😁

  4. For what its worth i would have sacrificed a bicycle helmet for the plastic harness that fits to your head and is adjustable. And it would have fit nice and tight by adjusting it to your head and then riveting it in place. Then i would have used velcro like you suggested as an alternate option to use. Would have saved majorly on weight

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