1. Because Pot users have traditionally always REALLY cared about health and side effects in the past ha… ha… ha.

    Its all BS. …….I mean really fuck jobs, if Alcohol is the poison and devil of our nations health, and pot is the healthy, non risk alternative to it,, then why are you lot not out rigorously protesting the over all acceptance of Alcohol ?? LOL Simples…. You really dont care about health at all 🙂

    The reality is,, you want (both.) LOL Alcohol is simply not enough to provide you with the desired fix… You need something (different) to mix things up. Yes,, not ALL of you are like this….. But fact is, most of you are lol. You want to legalize something you want, ignoring any consequences that go with it, and you will use any Trojan horse printed propaganda you can get your hands on to sell it to society… I.e Pretending to care about (Health) 🙂

    Fuck it,,, lets legalize every thing!!! I mean its healthier then say,,,,,,,,,,World War . ? -_-

  2. oh booo hoo hoo. weed's less harmful because……well you feel literally nothing!. alcohol causes a completely different experience where on the odd occasion you feel anything from weed its over before you know it anyway.

  3. All this bullshit about Marijuana being used as 'a medicine to achieve a higher state of consciousness' is funny lol. Weed is a mind altering drug, and so is alcohol. None of them are actually good for you.. and both are addictive. If you want to achieve higher consciousness or enlightenment why not spend your time reading or attending lectures at University? You can't just light up a joint and have all this knowledge unlocked like so many stoners seem to think. People will rationalize weed as being harmless or even good for you simply because they don't want to stop smoking it. Same with alcohol.. they will make up things like different types of whiskey or wine just to have an excuse to consume it. Who cares if it's 100 years old? It still tastes like shit and the only reason you're drinking it is to get buzzed. You can accomplish so much more in life while sober… not saying you shouldn't smoke or drink, I don't care what you do, just stop spreading lies about how it's 'good for you'. I don't know why so many people take risks with weed especially, when they don't even know what is in the herbs they are smoking or what permanent effects it will have on their mind. No offence, but all the habitual smokers of weed I've met were idiots… I don't know if they took some other drugs as well to get their minds so messed up but that's just my personal experience with potheads. 

  4. Why is the push to treat cannabis like alcohol then?   If it is much less harmful then you shouldn't treat as being as harmful as alcohol.  I know we want this legalised as soon as possible but why should people pay a massive tax on a product that does not produce nearly as many health costs as other products?  Hell, cannabis is probably less harmful than food with added sugar or saturated fats.
    If cannabis is cheaper people will use that as a substitute for alcohol and that would help bring down health costs.  The research is very clear, we should not have to bend over backwards to get drugs that are objectively less dangerous than currently legal drugs legalised.  If you're definitely in the right you shouldn't need to reach a compromise with the people who are wrong.  
    Normal sales tax or something very slightly higher should apply to the sale of cannabis.  People shouldn't pay heavy taxes because the government fucked up (partially the fault of a racist/ignorant population too in all honesty) and chose to criminalize drugs based on misinformation and probably a hatred of the kinds of people who used cannabis at the time.    

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