5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains!

5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains for 2020 If you have an environment that is free from any restrictions, such as space or lack of indoor facilities, then aside …


  1. Rober Bergman of ILGM created gold leaf. It is by far the easiest and highest yielding plant. Robert Bergman has grown in Europe for over 30 years and only recently began his own company in Amsterdam but also secretly based in California to offer Americans faster delivery times. Gold leaf is his creation and it is te highest yielding plant of all time.

  2. I can get a lb plus outdoor off of durbans poison. And no Kush doesn't mean good weed. Some Kush is shit, and I honestly haven't had true Kush in over 10 years… I mean true, actual Kush.

  3. Fuck cops, grow dope EVERYWHERE folks.
    Got some unknown bag seeds? Toss em on the lawn of your local PD in spring or along the way while discing at your local course.
    Plant so much cannabis around your area that they can't possibly chop it all. Plant it in the old lady's yard next door and across the street.
    Fuck anyone that tells you what you can't put in your own body. 💨🌲
    Also, was this made by the kursgesat people? Def a good copy of their style.

  4. Blue power is my personal best. 2 liter bottles on a stick….great for s.o.g. type grows. Out of 7 plants all differant kinds including blue dream, bubba kush, some i can t remember, and my best tasting weed I ever had much less grew (K)andy Kush! Not a high yielding plant but to date is still the best weed anybody smoked around here. Zip code 95531.

  5. How do you think an AI HD Prime light (ment for a salt water aquarium, fully adjustbable all spectrums of lights and intensity) would work? I think it would work great but im not sure

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  7. Top notch strains
    There’s a crazy critical x North that I seen someone breed out. Oh my goodness
    The older strains have the lineage that backs the good times.
    Great content nonetheless

  8. I've seen quite a few videos now and they all name the same 5 strains unfortunately. I hope someone will make a video with the same content, just using modern strains. I do know every old school strain pretty well as most other growers (even tho critical mass and kush are not too old).
    Would love to see stuff like black dog, banana buttercups etc. In comparison

  9. I tried Afghan Hashish from kush strain at it was the best thing I have ever smoked in my life.
    Sadly I no longer live there.
    Afghan hash has a sweet taste and grassy smell.

  10. Monsantos Strain is renamed at clubs:
    Monsantos Original Green Crack AKA=
    BC big bud~
    Big Sur Holy Weed~
    Jack Herer~
    Cookies n Creme~
    Cookie Dough~
    Animal Cookies~
    Three Kings~
    Dippin Dots~
    Green Crack~
    Original Green Crack~
    Purple Skunk~
    Purple Urkle~
    Grand daddy purp~
    OG Kush~
    Ogre Kush~
    OG Fire Kush~
    Fire Kush OG~
    Fire Kush~
    Trinity Kush~
    Triangle Kush~
    Super sliver haze~
    Blue dream~
    Train Wreck~
    Train Wreck OG~
    Kandy Kush~
    Kosher Kush~
    Maui Wowi~
    Kona Gold~
    Mango Sativa~
    Blue Glue~
    Blue berry OG~
    Blue Cookies~
    Sunset Sherbet~
    HSO Blue Dream~
    Mendo Kush~
    Gorilla Glue 4 & 5~
    Super Glue~
    Purple kush~
    Wedding cake~
    Race Fuel~
    Jet fuel~
    Still searching…

  11. So 5 biggest yielders sounds exciting then to find 2 of the 5 are below average sqm and you dont even put critical kush sqm yield up soo why would you name the title that ffs no mention of super lemon haze or chem dog for instance and that covers the bad 2 being massive yielders

  12. So how about giving pewr plant data? SOG metrics are useless for legal growers as we all have plant count limits. per plant bud weight is more meaning, hell I do't even know commercial growers who do SOG in this country.

  13. this is probably the dumbest video on growing cannabis on the internet. i had to click it just to see wtf they would even say lol, it's like not being able to look away from a car wreck. we live in the information age yet whether the info is true or fact seems to be irrelevant. i would say this is more like the "information marketing" age.

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