1. 4×4, 4 plants, 2000 watts netting 5 ozs? Im getting 45 grams a sq ft on greenhouses and 67 grams sq ft on indoor, net avg of indoor 4-6 ozs a plant. Your yields seem to be low, personal only?

  2. Props for just starting growing you are doing great. I can tell you really enjoy it that is everything freaking awesome subbed up i be checking out your progress. Stick with organic so much easier less hassle better terpene profile tastier no man made chemicals etc…. just give them a top dress of what ever organic dry amenments you are using and maybe brew a tea or sspt a seed sprout tea. Or a aloe vera root drench. U can almost grow for pennies with alot of organic gardening i love it myself growing along time still learning still love it. Growers Luv.

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