420 News Monday 21-12-20

Todays 420 News Cork mothers calls on the Irish government to sort out medical cannabis access. Study shows seizure linked to batten disease can be help …


  1. When the doctor told me I had a health problem, they proscribed me medication the last 5 years 2 different Prozac got told to take it every day so I can go trough my day ok. So I’ve been smoking straight now for 2 years and it has had a great impact on me and my life, my relationship is better with my pattern. I’m rn booking a course so I can get a job. If I stayed on the medication the doctors gave me my life wouldn’t be changing for the good. It’s hard to pay for cannabis I spend near on 200 quid “a week” it’s ridicules. Irish government need to legalise it and save this country……

  2. I had to go to Singapore for work a few years ago. When I was handed the landing card, it said in red writing at the bottom: Death for drug traffickers under Singapore law.

  3. Merry Christmas Martin hope u and urs have a great one, missed u live today had shopping and will probably miss it Wednesday but will catch up in the evening.. Another great show. Legalisation is in our grasp. 💪💚

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