4 Best Stocks to Buy Now || Once in a Decade Opportunity || Cathie Wood

In this video I will discuss 4 unique growth stocks that present once in a decade buying opportunity before skyrocketing due to their rapidly changing industry …


  1. Just found you on the last video…very impressed with your DD! I can fully appreciate your thought process and support your channel from here on out. Thank you for your time and sharing!

  2. I just loaded up on these stocks, but my questions is how can I make short term profit during the lockdown, I read articles of investors that made over $500K during the initial lockdown and I'd appreciate clue on how to make profit during lockdown.

  3. Following the principles of the rich, the rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  4. DON'T TIME THE MARKET and this applies to traders who try to get in at the bottom, and then quickly thereafter get out at the top. That type of timing is discouraged. As a long term investor I only buy when there's a correction in the Market. I bought on March 18. But then, I'm a Patient individual Investor who doesn't have to please anyone, unlike a fund manager who has to constantly be working for his clients.

  5. wow what an amazing content ,i already added NiO AND tSlA which is also is a good long term pick for an investor and i have $168k now.stocks trading has really been an eventful one and a huge source of my passive income where i invest big band earn bigger profits`courtesy of my broker Mr Henry Lucas. His trading techniques and strategies is second to none and highly profitable.

  6. Its no news that this is the month everyone has been waiting for when it comes to cryptocurrency mostly Bitcoin which is the leading asset 😁😁 I so much believed everyone has already grow a strong portfolio ahead of Bullish Bull Rally that is few days from now. For a very good season bitcoin bulls already find a strong support at $19k against the US dollars , it will signal good uprise soon as a lot of analyst suggested bitcoin will be trading above 25k. I will advised before its too late for investors and newbie to buy and not to hold but to Trade and accumulate more profits . my route to this goal , is trading using DR Benjamin Mason's daily signals. For the last 2 months that I have been copying his signals, I have accumulated almost 6 btc already and with an eye on $25,000 per bitcoin in the near future, the sky is the limit. He is one of the best traders out there to have as a mentor in my opinion and his is a system that should gain more awareness as so many are completely unaware of the potentials in trading. Benjamin Mason can be contacted via WhatsApp: +143-8255-1011* and telegram: Ben_mason** for inquiries into profitable trading.

  7. Trulieve opened up down the street about 3-4 months ago. Ironically it’s next to a new Checkers that completed, but not opened. Every time I drive by there, the parking lot is full and I’ll watch people enter and leave Trulieve. Unfortunately Robinhood doesn’t have it as a tradable stock. I’ll have to use TD Ameritrade for it.

  8. I used to think the best way to approach the market is to buy and hold. I’m a dividend investor but it’s a slow and steady growth. I’m 45 and currently have a $750k thereabout portfolio. I plan to retire at 60. My goal is to reach 4 million by then…I only started trading 6 months ago with an initial deposit of $400K. I repositioned some of my dividend stocks using a broker. Now, I’m buying fractional shares of TSLA, AMZN ,NIO ,NVR again. Before, I’m after dividends for passive income but it’s slow growth so now I’ll take my chances on growth stocks like SHLL, WKHS, PLNHF13 I've gotten a 120% increase this year but hopefully I’ll reach a million sooner

  9. FCX is GARBAGE! i used to broker their copper loads and we made a KILLING off of them. they waste money at a crazy level. we used to rob them of 100’s of thousands every single year. absolute GARBAGE

  10. Hey, I just found an article talking about a bad ROCE (return on capital employed) for Freeport (FCX). So it basically saysthey aren’t really getting anywhere with investments they are doing. What do you think of this?

  11. Investing in different streams of income that don't depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting the economy pretty hard will be the wisest decision anyone can make.

  12. Copper is a key component to mass electrification that has been happening for some time and will only continue to boom as developing nations come 'online'. Think of all the untapped potential of entire continents of Asia, South America, Africa etc. This resource is relatively scarce yet demand is enormous. FCX look solid, also check out SOLGOLD who are currently sitting on the largest copper mine discovery of the last decades.

  13. Great analysis 👍
    In the Cannabis sector I prefer CuraLeaf & Cresco to truelieve . I have a triple bagger currently & am not selling as this is like investing in alcohol after the great prohibition of the 1930s . Also go NIO !!!

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