1. this was the first plant of a two plant each and every week harvest. got me thru being out and to pulling 1/2 lb the following week. yeah more patience, would of got 3/4 lb that week instead.

  2. been growing this blueberry cut over 10 years and yes it gets me high even when pulled early. I went away from molasses cause of the bug problems it brought on, instead now stacking with organic brown sugar as replacement. water straight from my mountain well, no mixing, no ph'ing from beginning to end. cleanest smoke being straight water from day one to harvest, nutes stacked in the bag.

  3. You should wait the three weeks until it is completely finished. You know, the smoke won't be as potent or have that nice blueberry taste (that happens over the last two weeks) if you take some now. Try using mango juice, which has terpenes, which increases the flavor, smell and potency of the smoke. Go to the local farmer's market, buy two mangos and juice them. Use about an ounce per plant directly or mix it in with the water and fertilizer mix. Don't forget to use the black strap molasses also, to get thick buds. Also, try using plain tonic water, which has carbon dioxide, that the plants use readily right from the soil. This will give them a boost!

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