24 hour & intermittent fasting for Weed/THC Detox. EASILY clean your system & achieve a marijuana/THC detox. Pass any drug test last minute.


  1. When is your Marijuana/THC drug test?

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  2. I haven't smoked for 14 days now. Still testing positive. I have a urine test on the 6th of January. I've been smoking pretty much every day for a few years now. Do I stand a chance of passing?

  3. Is baking soda and water consider a detox for weed I’ve smoked last weekend and I took a drug test for a job and came out on my urine Idkk if they’ll let me re do it again?

  4. Been smoking pretty much daily for a year and now haven't smoked in 17 days. I have a test coming up and it has a cut off of 50 ng/ml. I've taken some home tests after just drinking some water and getting a BARELY noticeable FAINT line for a negative result. Now I realize that a faint line is still a line and it counts as a "negative", but its still a little too close for comfort for me and I'm nervous. Can you recommend something that can help me to speed up the detox process in 24 hrs? I've been drinking lots of water, but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also…I've used detox drinks many times and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. Is there anything I can maybe get from a health/vitamin store to help me?

  5. Hey thanks for the video! Quick question: I am pretty lean probably 12-15% body fat percentage. Haven’t smoked in a week but still failed the at home drug test (smoked pretty much everyday for about 2 years). What do you think a timeline would be for me? Im starting a 24 hour fast tonight.

  6. I recently gave birth to twins but tested positive for thc in the 6th. In order to breast feed I have to take a drug test at the hospital. I smoked on the 12th and 13th (maybe one a day) and have been taking dollar tree drug test and still showing positive (took one yesterday) will this cleanse my system within 24hrs for the test? I’ve been taking Azo cranberry pills and drinking a lot of cranberry juice as well.

  7. Bro I’ve been following your method , literally drinking Apple cider vinegar The White stuff lol I even Mix Natural Non Sweeten Cranberry Juice to kill the taste….. I’ve also been taking Beatroot supplements to detox my blood and drinking 3 52oz Hydro Flask a day !!! And I’m still testing positive for THC !! I haven’t smoked and since July 30 and I started your method July 31 …. I Have a Law enforcement employment DT in 4 days …… i Think I’m screwed

  8. I smoked almost all day last month (smoked waxs at night ) and some of this month but I stopped yesterday I want to get clean asap for a school request drug test I hope it's a urine test …. I weight around 135 and I'm 5'3 and I drink a gallon of water and I don't eat much…. And I get clean by this 2weeks ? Plz help meeeeee

  9. My girlfriend recently lost her job over some bs i am a heavy smoker every day for the past 9 years im recently looking for a job i just wanna know how long it will take for my system to be clean ive been taking ACV pills with lots of water since yesterday should i be taking ACV liquid instead?

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