1. Good to see seone else has some monsters mine are in 200 gallon beds in Michigan nice fortress… I'm blessed to have a forest surrounding my open plot I've got my secondary cages built from concrete reinforcement mesh I had my plants trained and topped since January 🙂 I'd love to see and share finished pics with ya my only fear is bugs

  2. Hey bro I got 2 small plants that I am growing outside and I had a question because some leafs look a little off. Is there some way that you can probably help me or something?

  3. Lookin really nice Dalo… 😳 I noticed you had your cover crop down, I did that tonight also… how soon will you cover it with soil and amendments? 🧐 I’m using a 100 gallon and training it through the cage and wondering how much growth to expect the next month as I have never tried a 100 gallon. 🧐

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