120HR Fast Full Day Of NOT Eating! Fasted HIIT, Brain Repair, Muscle Loss? CBD, Niacin, Electrolytes

There are many health hacks that you can use during a long fast to enhance autophagy a.k.a. cellular cleansing. These techniques will benefit you greatly when …


  1. hey so ive been keeping up with alot of your videos and i had question about how much im eating in a day. I was mainly going off of your Vince Gironda videos. I eat 2 meals in 8 hours which would be 400 grams of red meat, 12 eggs, and some mozzarella cheese to go with it. would that be healthy amount? im 6'2 and 185lbs im tryna get more lean and build muscle. Appreciate it!!

  2. The fact that fasting is just so easy and feels natural on keto tells me that it is how our body's would have thrived in paleolithic times when food was scarce we could still get shi* done while waiting for our next kill / meal. Doing prolonged fasting on a high carb diet is a great way to lose your sanity pretty quickly !

  3. Muscle loss during fasts (under 96 hours) is a complete myth. I've used fat adapted ADF as my fasting protocol many times and experienced 0 loss in muscle and strength, but the fat loss is rapid.

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