10 Exercises to Eliminate Foot Pain Today!

Little do you know that many problems runners experience can be traced to what your feet are or are NOT doing. Coach Nate walks you through the 3 main …


  1. Hi got to 1 hr 53 for 12 miles comfortably,three months ago but had calf injury ,have been swimming ,cycling firstly will this keep me in touching distance of my time and secondly I will get my time back ? I am 53

  2. Do you find that poor core strength and underdeveloped feet go hand in hand? Yoga and Pilates have made me aware of the connection between these areas in my own situation, which has helped me be able to run more comfortably and more miles than I would have thought possible.

  3. Excellent timing, your spot on this tutorial, recovering from a torn Achilles’ tendon a few years ago. I’ve painfully never regain my 💯 % level. So Thank you & Shoutout to “Cute Holly “ xx 🚒 Jesse

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