🌿💡CBD OIL FOR AUTISM? CBD OIL & GUMMIES REVIEW & RESULTS l Mom’s step-by-step How-to use CBD

Hey EllisFamLifers, and welcome to another episode! In this video, I talk about CBD oil: it’s legal now in the US; it helps the twins with just about everything …


  1. Hi Amber, love to see how Alex and Will are progressing, I just watch the video of them waiting for the school bus so happy!! It brought joy to my heart! , well, for my 2 yr old nephew, (whom I love from the moon and back..) He is showing autism sign similar to the twins, he is been going thru evaluation now. We have already bought a small 30ml bottle cbd from another brand called charlottes web that says 7mg. It says to use 2 full dropper of the oil. That means it is 14 mg? Or that two full droppers make 7mg? But it seems to be more of what you show in the video..Is this right for him? My sister would like to give it to him asap but this confussion about dosage has her concerned. I would change it to the brand you have linked but she already paid $40 for this one.

  2. Plz ap humain cbd oil autism ki delivery kr dein. My adress is sep jafar 67 punjab regment peshawar cant near buy csd shop .plz plz humen cbd for autism ki delivey kar dein hum ap ko payment kr dein gy

  3. We’re trying CBD starting Monday for our 2 1/2 year old nonverbal daughter. And YES Big Pharma is pushing their agenda to keep a stranglehold on their profit margins. Our government makes a ton of money from big pharmaceutical lobbyists to taxes from the companies. God willing,these drug pushers that control research funds will be ran out of Washington so people who actually care about their constituents and not just there for their own self serving agendas. No not a conspiracy theorist at all lol

  4. Unfortunately (due to having to retain & process the whole scam behind all of this) the conspiracy is actually truth. The cancer act 1939 & the big pharma company's are the reason why cannabis was given the bogus name marijuana & so many lies told over the years including it being classed as an illegal drug! The cancer act states that ONLY pharma poisons can be used/promoted to treat & cure cancer, unknown to us until the truth began to come out, cannabis is a multi healer which has been proven & as you are probably aware, there are 100's of true story videos on you tube which confirms this.
    To think we have been brainwashed into thinking those in power want to protect & take care of us sickens me, it's all about money & how rich they can get at our detriment. People would benefit from researching this as there are still so many unaware of what is really taking place globally ☹️

  5. Very good. Yes definitely. They’ll find their way to get in on it and make it prescription necessary if they feel they will benefit. What mg. For gummies do u feel for teen age children.

  6. Can u tell me the strength u use of CBD and which gummies u use please? I have an 11 year old ADHD, ODD, PTSD, RAD, and high functioning autistic child and want to try this but want to get the right strength

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