Youtube Shut Me Down because CBD

Youtube shut my channel down because of CBD. This is an update and exactly why my channel was shut down. Jeremy is the editor at CBDExamine [dot] com.


  1. Jeremy, thanks for all the superb research you are providing. I am beginning my search on what benefits I may receive from CBD. Just landed on your channel today and have watch several. (Yes, I have subscribed!) I love your sense of humor and how you present your findings. Keep up the good work. Will definitely use your links to order. 🙂

  2. Excellent channel and helpful information that helped me to learn more about what i needed to know regarding what i was already planning to acquire. A most undeserved penalty.

  3. Yeah, its a federal thing. I'm a marketer for a liviing and I run CBD campaigns all the time. However, you can't call it CBD, you have to refer to it as HEMP. Google won't let you run ads if you don't title it HEMP. Same thing with their video platform (YouTube).

  4. Hey, your videos are great. You solidified my suspicions of Koi, not buying anymore. Now, I’m all about Extract labs thanks to you. I was hoping you test extract labs carts and or some more cbd vaping products.

  5. I backing you all the way, we’re not doing anything wrong, like you said earlier, YouTube has a bias business agenda, which is looking only at the profits you can bring to their fat wallets. I wish there was another platform that can compete and bring YouTube down to its knees.

  6. I love your content and the fine job you've done to educate the public!
    Lab tests are verified "truth" to aid the public in making informed decisions on their purchases. George Orwell spoke about how "truth" threatens the power structure. Google is threatened by their big pharma dropping their advertising accounts and big pharma is threatened by honest CBD reviews which will have people turning away from their high-margin drugs sales and instead turning to safer alternatives like CBD. It benefits big pharma when fake CBD products with minimal benefits are in circulation. They have a stake in people being ignorant. Big Pharma and Google can censor good people like yourself but in the end truth will reign. Please keep the faith and continue to fight the good fight. I will visit your website and advise my family and friends to do the same.

  7. You need to look into alternative platforms that either have friendlier ToS or have better data management. I'd suggest you look into LBRY or BitChute. The former has it's own monetization scheme and the latter basically won't ban you for doing anything that isn't grossly illegal. Diversifying where your videos are uploaded to ensure you're not dependent on one platform for your content. Self-hosting videos on your site is always a viable option too if all else fails.

  8. Whhhhhaaaaatt!!!! Wait can you pull all your videos and make a compilations and find another platform like nebula? Can you make an Instagram and do like faster reviews!? Please I come back to this often and I reccomend this channel to people looking for cbd info

  9. it's kind of fucked that Facebook does that shit considering most wish ads they run on their platform consists of crack pipes, sex toys (that part doesn't bug me as much as hard drugs), and cocaine snorting apparatuses.

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