1. A big reason mink farms are being culled and not pets has to do with the fact that these farms are hotbeds for infection. The animals will continue to infect each other, with a very high chance of mutation occurring that might jump back to humans. Far less risks with your average housecat.

  2. After I graduated high school and was too poor to go to college and didn't have a job, I was mooching off of my parents in such a way that some people would describe as "quarantining". That lasted for 7 years. I have a job now at least, but it sucks because I wanted to start gaining some freedom from my oppressive parents and then all this pandemic shit happened.

  3. Honestly knowing that we're about to get a shinier, covertly racist Trump in four years has kept me from really feeling any sort of relief that Biden won. He'll maybe be able to undo some of what Trump did, people will get complacent once we're "back to normal" and then Trump 2.0 will be voted in. The moderate democrats won't make the progessive/leftist changes they need to in order to pull in more voters. At least, not in time for the next presidential election. I'll do my part because we all have to but it feels inevitable 🤷🏿‍♀️ I've been coping with tea and anime.
    Great video as always! Your afro is my hair goals 🤩

  4. Keep in mind that here in Puerto Rico statehood "won" because only half of eligible voters actually voted in this past elections. It's the lowest turnout in our history. There were a lot of ballots left blank in protest of that specific referendum. One good thing is that the Pro Independence Party (Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño) got the most votes ever in its history since it was founded. We Puerto Ricans are done with our colonial status and done with PROMESA as well.

  5. another major good that happened, although VERY long overdue, was that alabama ratified amendment 4 (over 65% voting yes!) to remove racist language still in the state constitution, such as language still referencing school segregation ("Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race").

  6. I just always go through an Emotional Roller coaster whenever I watch your videos, first I feel hope, then despair, then hope again before it is crushed again by despair before a sprinkle of hopium is sprinkled in on top of it…. I LOVE IT

  7. I lost my job in march. My partner has a stable gig, but since we're not married I can't access her healthcare. I haven't been able to get medicaid or an explanation of why I don't qualify. My unemployment benefits keep stopping because the state unemployment system keeps crashing. I moved across country a few years ago and I've had trouble making new friends – I haven't seen anyone but my partner in person in weeks. I feel like my life is over, like I ran out of lives in a video game and now I just have to watch other people play. I feel helpless and lonely and scared.

    Ugh… the way I cope is basically just by smoking a lot of weed. We managed to go camping a few times, and being in nature helped a lot. Otherwise… I just can't find the energy to do much else but keep my house in order. Dishes, trash, laundry, dust and sweep – anything to feel useful.

  8. Most young people in Puerto Rico don't want it to be a state and Jenifer Gonzales is a corrupt ass career politician btw and these elections over there were pretty questionable

  9. I love hookah, and everybody going out to a hookah bar right now is a fucking moron. Hookah's neat and everything, but while it's an inherent risk to your life (as any smoking habit is), going out in a pandemic is a risk to everyone else's life. I hate it.

  10. Wow, I can’t wait for my $1200 check! I’ll be able to pay 2/3 of my expenses for one whole month! I’ve worked hard, obeyed the law, and done everything right my entire life, and now it’s finally paying off! Thanks government!

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