Will Biden Legalize Marijuana?

Will Biden legalize marijuana? What does the marijuana legalization timeline look like? John Iadarola and Anthony Fisher break it down on The Damage Report …


  1. I smoke two joints in the morning

    I smoke two joints at night

    I smoke two joints in the afternoon

    It makes me feel all right

    I smoke two joints in time of peace

    And two in time of war

    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints

    And then I smoke two more

  2. When I saw the ad for this topic( legalizing weed via Biden) I said,"of course not, he's a self ritious prick". And, that probally sumsvit up….face facts….

  3. Stoners could bail the country out of this mess. Dispensaries provide a tremendous amount of tax dollars to their communities and states. Considering all the "big" corporations don't pay crap despite being open and making huge profits, i.e. Walmart, Amazon, etc. We're going to need money to keep this country and its economy in tact. Legalize weed everywhere.

  4. I've been reading up on legalization news everyday hoping for some progress. PE-Biden is for decriminalization (he used to oppose it entirely), VP Harris is for legalization, because the war on drugs has always been about locking up minorities. Federal legalization would create jobs, (bud-tenders and ganjapreneurs alike), stimulate our economy, and be obtainable for those who need it but don't currently meet the requirements for medicinal marijuana. We have nothing to lose, but old white people are scared of something that helps everybody get back on their feet. What's the matter, Doreen? You afraid you'll get so high you won't remember where all the Thanksgiving turkey went and why your tummy is full and hurting?

  5. Politicians make money off of private prisons so they actually like to lock up people for anything. And cops would rather arrest pot heads than cracked out gang bangers that might shoot back. Then there is the popular policing for profits of civil forfeiture that takes money from e everyone for just no reason at all.

  6. This isn't up to Biden, it's up to Congress, they are the ones that make our Laws, inherent with being the Legislative Branch. The President is the Executive Branch, upholding and enforcing Laws. If we combined the two we'd be in a Dictatorship not a Democracy. The only real obstacle here is the GOP and Mitch McConnell, which probably won't be a issue as it's a someone with money (investors, CEOs) will be making money selling it. McConnell will also likely use it as a, "see I'm doing my job" opportunity to actually pass a Bill into Law for the first time since they lowered the wealthy Elite's taxes and raised the taxes on the rest of us.

  7. Legal Cannibis is working fine in Canada… and it is a great medical product. It is mostly broken down into different types and strengths. Cannabis oil comes with THC for certain illnesses or enjoyment…. or CBD that has THC removed so you don't get high, and is used only for medical purposes. I see CBD advertised in the U.S. all the time!!! You actually sell to us! But that is THC FREE [NO HIGH]… but you're advertising it as this new medical miracle all the time… So…. you HAVE been dabbling in it already.

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