1. I felt this video was biased.
    You mention how the `Yes Campaign` were using misinformation to push their agenda which is trivial at best and it was more of "not the whole truth" as opposed to misinformation.
    Meanwhile ACTUAL misinformation and overall false claims were being made left and right on the `No Campaign` who were claiming all sorts of nonsense despite countless research showing otherwise.
    Also, it's pretty obvious that Jacinda's decision to NOT tell the nation what she would be voting for is what shifted the vote to "No". Jacinda not giving an answer made many labour supporters, whom we know is a huge chunk of the population after seeing the results of the election, second guess themselves. Had Jacinda expressed her intentions, many of those supporters would've gone with "yes" and referendum would've passed. The difference in votes was so small, Jacinda alone could've shifted that.
    But I suppose you can theorize about that all day and in the end, we'd just never know.

  2. I voted yes in Ohio even though they were trying to legalize cannabis under a monopoly I don't think people's lives should be ruined over what they put in their body. Worst case scenario it should be treated as a medical issue and only violent criminals or people doing reckless endangerment (driving under the influence) should face the law.

  3. i'm personally for the legalization of all recreational drugs in the view that prices, dosages, safety, and quality can be more accurately maintained under the regulatory regime we have for other prescription and non-prescription medications, along with putting warning labels on those drugs and providing for safe environments for drug usage, along with recommendations against the use of recreational drugs and the providing of free prevention and drug rehabilitation programs

    the question for me isn't whether people will have access to these drugs, as where i live the opioid and meth epidemics are killing countless people, but whether we can find a way to reduce drug use and increase the safety of these drugs without imprisoning people

    legalization would also likely reduce demand on illegal importation and the control of cartels within the united states and countries that meet american demand of drugs, saving lives

  4. I'm very disappointed with the hardcore yes supporters who seem to be blaming everyone but themselves for what transpired; the PM, the Opposition, youth voters, older voters etc… If they want this to pass then they need to learn from their mistakes and not blame others for failure as that will only turn more people off.

  5. // to assume a Theory makes logical sense is to imply the cannabis would be more dangerous as a smoked element than tobacco…
    .. I C the argument.. and the common Folk would Know a truth if they knew had all the evidence and still were conned into a narrow minded view of how logic it is../
    Look,.,. many folks that Live on an island should not smoke nor eat items that will slow them down.. and that should include booze too.. because drinking is more dangerous to the liver and to the other drivers .. smoking Tabacco is far more dangerous than smoking weed/maryjane/watt light bulb u name it, it is a cash crop and the Opium trade was a THING and still is.. so there be the rub…
    if u do not Join the masses and allow the small % to float their minds to a couch .. with body and toe, U can afford to demand them UP all and that Not down with the weed, to Be busy with their idle hands.

    If u remove a downer.. then the bodies will be Up and then they may well act out more often.. PTSD types that cant handle being 2nd class types due to their being new Zs and not one of the other islanders or from that Large continent over to There.. by the Horizon.
    … IF IF not.. then there is the kill them softly test.. and the option of suicide makes more sense to logic on an island..
    its only an island if u look at it from the water. or from the sky.. (JAWS)../
    its not for them to live longer and sure not high while taking the pain… so let them suffer until they need suicide by Dr.,.
    its legal to do that and veterans of all life need to know hat in hand that a nation in the ocean of seas will allow them to die ..
    .. but they wont let u die by weed because its NOT Possible..
    the body will shut down but the body passes out.. If there is too much alcohol in the body at the same time, a vomit by the drinking can Up end a body during a past time of sleep.. if the body is facing down its all Good. but if facing Up and U become known as an ex drummer of led Zeppelin …RIP John B.. RIP..
    … less deaths by use of weed.. but its ok.. now with the law.. the death can be made legal… sign Up for out with U duty…
    how much does a IS agent make for playing Dr??.. IS and AQ agents and all them that hate the N Zs might offer Free services to be them that get to perform the End the pain routine….lolol….
    // I get it .. but none of the people that are about to deal with an inferiority complex need to be so UP all day long.. they need more chill on a couch and in hale or by mouth digestion…. alcohol is far more danger danger will robinson and so is the use of tabacco..
    cancer is more likely with tab and less since weed is used by cancer patients.. logic dics to the taint for them that have a Ending..
    thanks for the upload.. may the virus not take them away as they seem to want Drs to.

  6. I think the comparison to Bernie Sanders in the US might be a bit an oversimplification especially with regards to turnout but I get your point in that they should have gone for a less radical and gradual approach and reached out to center and right wingers as well. My state (NJ) in the US legalized marijuana and the taxation argument is actually a fairly strong one to the point that Gov. Cuomo of NY right next door to me is considering legalizing because of the massive hole in the NY budget. I think either Mississippi or Alabama may have decriminalized this year as well which should make everyone that hasn't legalized or decriminalized feel quite bad.

    Do you think Jacinda Ardern would decriminalize/legalize marijuana with her left wing majority government? Would it hurt her popularity if she did it legislatively?

  7. This just delays the inevitable, cannabis was demonised for older generations who are gradually becoming a smaller portion of the population. Does anybody really think it won't be legal in 10 years? All this achieves is putting NZ further on the back foot when they inevitably do have to deal with it.

  8. Cannabis is a similar issue to abortion. Whether its harmful and whether the law should ban it are two separate issues.
    The Yes camp could've just said "my body my choice". It's easier for voters to understand.

  9. At the end of the day, the current status quo isn’t working. The proposition put forward by the yes campaign would have made it undoubtedly safer for all kiwis to use marijuana; because, you forgot one key fact… no matter what the result of the referendum was, people will still smoke weed. It won’t make a difference. However, if it was legalised recreaoionaly then the positives far outweighing the negatives

  10. I am in 2 thoughts about this.. when I was younger. I would have said no even tho I used it a little. now that I am older and don't use it I am for legalizing it.. go figure. maybe it's that I don't see it any different to alcohol and that's taxed to the hilt here in Australia.

  11. I think legalisation of cannabis and other drugs is a good step towards a sensible health approach. I also think we should have a stronger health regime when it comes to legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco. Basically make it legal but aim to reduce use and increase safety.

  12. How this worthless argument of "It makes it more easily available" still is used everywhere even though it hasn't been true for a long time.

    Here in Germany they use it as well, although in cities like Berlin it's possible to order Weed and have it delivered in under an hour.

    Legalising it doesn't change anything about the availability, but changes a lot about quality control and youth protection.
    The more legal customers exist the less the dealers get and therefore the state gets more control over who consumes, what do they consume and how much.

  13. I've always been a little skeptical of the medical marijuana argument. Most people want legalisation because they just want to smoke weed. There's nothing wrong with that. Make that argument

  14. I'm constantly of two minds when it comes to cannabis decriminalisation. As someone who lives with chronic pain, maybe it would make way for moving some cannabis-based pain medication to over the counter rather than requiring a prescription, but at the same time I hate cigarette smoke, and I know cannabis and driving don't mix. So I really have no idea which way I'd go if they were to have a similar referendum here.

  15. Hello,
    since I am from Germany I don't know how saturated the informal sector in New Zealand with cannabis is but in Germany it wouldn't make any difference legalizing it.

    You can buy cannabis in any place from big cities to small towns with 1000 inhabitants (where I live) so everyone who wants to smoke already does but with the risk of seriously harming themselves because the drug might be altered (hair spray is pretty common) since the sector is not regulated. When I was still a minor it was easier for me to illegally get cannabis than alcohol because dealers don't have a minimum age.

    Considering this and the fact that alcohol is legal which is arguably way more harmful and addictive the ban of cannabis doesn't make any sense for me (at least in Germany). Not to mention how the legal system, the police and also the economy as a whole would benefit from legalization.

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