1. I’m starting raw vegan from nov 30 til dec 21 basically 3 weeks an I’m challenging myself too get healthy from inside .. I want too continue it longer I want too keep it up but for now I’m starting a group of all of us that want too go raw vegan for 3 weeks so good luck too us

  2. I’m a lot like you in that way.I hate leaving my comfort zone but I hate being mediocre more! I guess that’s why I found your channel and I love it because I used to think I was the only one like that!

  3. I am raw vegan since over 3 years and I am growing my own food- this is my comfort zone -but yes in the past I got triggered because I did not see the truth. Change is always there in many areas of life. i go out of my comfort zone daily and like this I can learn every day something new.

  4. I am a 1O month and a half raw vegan and work in a supermarket and do a full time open uni degree in business management. My soul is now telling me I need to be a couch in healing through raw vegan and inner work. My soul says I can't work where I am anymore because I do not get a chance to help people heal. I am so confused, my soul is normally right about things and has helped guide me in my own healing and inner work. Thank you for the inspirational video <3 X

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