1. once i kicked the habit best friends i had for over half my life who i called brothers completely stopped hanging out because they dont know how to just be anymore subhnallah im about to accelerate into my futute inshallah while they smoke themselves to sleep.

  2. kicked my addiction about a month ago after 5 years of daily usage and subhnallah i needed to accept that it is an intoxicant and is haram to even recognize that it was actually eroding my will to be successful in my endeavors.

  3. yeah it is true but what if you went sober for over 6 months and you still feel like weed helped you with a lot of stuff and can still help you because i was over 6 months sober and i didn’t see being sober from weed as great as u stated. In fact it kind of didn’t matter to me that i was sober because i was not addicted to it i just stopped because i wanted to. And then i started smoking again which led me to jesus and god and starting to build a relationship w him and it made me research so much other stuff. For example, it got me to turn vegetarian and help me understand people better and do more stuff for my family.

  4. I really appreciate your perception on weed. I have tried to quit so many times and seem to go back to it for a coping mechanism / insomnia. Its fucked me up too much to continue at this point. Its great people share their actual experiences for others that also want to quit. I wrote something the other day that I felt was very relevant to my experience and i'm sure others. – 'Weed deconstructs the person you were prior to smoking, then it doesn't allow you to form a stable identity from then on'. (I'm talking every day smoking for a number of years) It gradually separates you from yourself but gives the perception its helping you. Its a very very sneaky drug. I never thought id be in this situation from weed as I didn't start smoking until 28. Thanks for sharing this video.

  5. I was never addicted possibly smoked 20 to 30 times total but always had more bad highs. Last time i smoked was a month ago and I had intrusive thoughts with it not only that always paranoid while high.

    Thankfully i never had good experiences where I get addicted to it.

    I don't ever wanna touch weed or alcohol again always overthinking while on it so forget it. I'm 22 and btw anyone READING this search up Daniel Amen ted talk brain scans on youtube that will help you so much with your brain health.

  6. Hey what are your thoughts of JUST CBD use. I have anxiety and ADD and which is usually why I smoke weed. Currently 1 week sober. Nothing crazy but I'm looking forward to stop forever, hopefully, but yeah. Let me know your opinions about CBD use.

  7. At some point in the video, you seem to have suggested that LSD, mushrooms and other similar psychedelics are addictive when in fact they are known to possess very little addictive properties if at all and in fact there are studies that show that they may hold promise for some people who suffer from drug addiction

  8. When you said that it takes about two months to flush out of your system, I said to myself, two months? That can’t be. That was right when I decided to quit. But I’m on day 44 now and I definitely believe you now, it really does take two months

  9. I just wanted to be happy while Im sober I don’t think weed is bad , I don’t think alcohol is bad , I don’t think having sex is bad , I don’t think it’s a bad thing but people do over use it , we over use things I did this cleanse to find balance I’m smoking again after I find my balance could take years . “you got to lose yourself, to find yourself.”

  10. I’m glad the internet exists , sometimes lol None of my peers understand why I’m choosing to quit. I’m always tired and don’t have energy to commit to daily tasks. Also, I do find that I’m way more positive when I’m smoking but not without it. I don’t like that I need something outside of myself to “feel good.” Also, I’ve hung out with men JUST to smoke weed. Those type of men aren’t aligned with the life I lead. So it’s wasted time. I’m glad you made this video. I’ve just decided that I’m quitting 100%

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