1. Oh JFC not this shit again. To be clear, he was not offered $800MM. He was probably offered $8MM cash & illiquid stock with a 2017/2018 valuation of $792MM.

    You know how you know he’s lying? Cookies held a “Friends & Family Round” where they offered 10% of the company & raised $10MM, implying a $100MM valuation.

    A $100MM valuation is 12.5% of $800MM, or an 87.5% DISCOUNT TO THE PRIOR OFFER. I don’t care how much you love your friends & family, ain’t nobody getting an 87.5% discount on your business.

  2. Man. 800 m’s? But he’s right though, liquidating that much of a single stock would be damn near impossible. You’d be forced to hold a majority of it for awhile due to the lack of buyers willing to buy in high volumes.

  3. Really appreciated this video, Berner as an artist never impressed me much. It seemed like he just bought his way through the music industry. It ain’t tricking if you got it. If I was in Berner shoes I woulda done the same. Turn that down and wait for that multi billy deal.

  4. Depends on if there was a lock in period to sell the stock to cash out. If there was no lock in period tied to the stock I would take it and cash out 50-75% of it and diversified into other companies by acquisition to keep cash flow growing.

  5. Depends on your passion..if I was offered a couple billion like he's looking forward to I would sell it..And then I would try and buy a NBA or NFL team, my passion…But if he loves the weed business he should never sell..

  6. What is wrong is you could just sell your stock. You cant really think Mark Cuban as smart as he is just held on to his stock, he sold it. Just like this dude could of took the 800 million in stock and sold it, the stock would not drop right away, the problem being the 30 percent tax on stock if you sell it before holding it for a year.

  7. Idk I feel like if he gets offered billions to take it but with somehow still owning a portion of it since he did create it maybe 5 billion plus 10% now that’ll be dope and respectable. Never have to work a day in your life while big corporate take it further. Ya kids and they kids will be good now generations after that cmon that ain’t really ya problem lol put ya name on the map make sure ya kids is good and consider that the ultimate life goal the final achievement where you can just enjoy ya days to just live.

  8. So basically they offered him toilet paper in 800mil stock. I'm not a stock person this outta territory but it seems to me like he said if he would've taken the offer the stock could've tank especially with Trump in office the market is volatile and he would've been ass out. Dude smart man. Now if it been 800mil in cash thats another story. Lol

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