Why 2021 will be HUGE for Cannabis Legalization in the U.S

Why 2021 will be HUGE for Cannabis Legalization in the U.S Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. Just add on to that, 😎 There are few companies that are well positioned in New York. Green Thumb industries has 3 Dispensaries in NCY, Curaleaf has 4 Dispensaries in NCY, and Cresco Labs has 4 Dispensaries in NCY. On top of that when NYC opens up you are gonna hear of companies you have never heard of become Huge like Columbia Care and Vireo Health. NYC will be a game changer!!!

  2. Virginia legalizing now North Carolina looking to drcrim amd forming committee to look into full legalization. The movement is sweeping across east coast. Coming dowm from New England. South Carolina next please. I want to get in the business. One of the ancillary services. Thinking Cannabis delivery service.

  3. I appreciate the updates brother. I'm a service member who can't enjoy cannabis, but I still like to hang on the hope of federal legalization. Your vids keep me informed and that hope stay alive. Keep at it brother.

  4. Aye man I just wanna say in terms of educational weedtubers you’re really innovating bro. I think your next move should be to invest in a better mic with a surrounding cushion so that your audio is better. Besides that your doing something no one else is, keep up the grind 🤟🏾

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