White Rhino Cannabis Plant Ready for Harvest ✂️

White Rhino Cannabis Plant 24% THC “White Rhino has a fruity smell, with a very intense sweet and floral taste, accompanied by a heavy almost narcotic effect.


  1. Feel free to make videos of your hash making process, videos of your dried, cured buds, how or if you mix your own soil mix…. Thank you for all your videos so far. Love seeing your results and hearing about how you grow in the frozen north.

  2. This is my first seson watching your videos man and i have to say i love them 😍. I had an amazing harvest this year but im going back to 5 gallon pots so much easier then huge plants . Also there have been alot of thieves this year and id like to bring them in at night again .

  3. Do you dry the trim before freezing it? Or just put in the freezer directly after trimming? And man that white widow looks nice but i don’t cure in any container more than 3/4 way full so it has room to breathe and you can just rotate the container a few times rather than removing all the bud when burping.. better to prevent mold from my experience. And i was always told handling it to much could get to many oils from your hands rubbed onto the trichomes and degrade them. I’ve enjoyed your harvest this year and still looking forward to the remaining videos !! Nice

  4. Bro are you trying to freeze-dry those flowers before they're even harvested? 😀
    Don't take that wrong, I just think it's funny because most people act like cannabis is SOOOOO delicate and sensitive.

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