When To Top Weed Plants

when to top weed plants Time Stamp for Video: (00:05) – Intro (00:25) – Topping Weed Plants (What is it?) (01:20) – Why Top Weed Plants? (01:42) – When To …


  1. Thank you!! Your video was the best and most helpful thing I've come across. Straight to the point and you actually topped one in the video, so i knew exactly what to do… i was worried about the angle of the cut, what to use to cut it, and where exactly to cut, and your video cleared it all up quick and concise. Thanks, I'm subbing, and will be a student of yours in the months to come. 🙂🤑

  2. Probably one of the best videos I’ve found honestly. Most videos talk to you and they show you from a distance about certain stuff and it’s somewhat confusing to understand exactly what they’re doing and honestly some people don’t know what they’re doing and provide wrong information on some stuff. Great video

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