When Is The Best Time To Harvest Buds From Cannabis Plants?

Picking the optimal harvest time for cannabis is a key skill for new growers, but it’s confusing at first. This video shows you exactly what to look for. Not sure if your …


  1. Problem is, outdoor doesn't also equate to the near perfect conditions of indoor, and these tips don't always work for outdoor. Typically in northern areas, outdoor plants won't see past 60% of the stigmas turning red before you see lots of amber trichomes.

  2. While I agree pistils show some maturity and ripeness you should also check your trichomes, I have had buds fully form and pisitls go fully brown only for the coming days to form thousands more white pisitls and continue to develope and fatten out the buds. I used to go when all pisitils where brown but now I check both pisils and trichomes ! Cloudy to amber trichs are the prime point for my personal tastes, you get good couch lock and good smoke. Happy Growing !

  3. I can't thank you enough for posting this video. I have been smoking for forty-five years and this was the first year I decided to put some dirt in a flower pot and grow my own. I did a little bit of research but just decided to stick one seed in the flower pot and let it do its thing. And trust me, do its thing it did. lol I planted it in late April. It didn't get very tall but it did grow. Almost two feet tall. Last week I noticed that it had budded up and with the rains and winds that came thru I just cut it (it had also turned brown). I got about three quarters of an ounce from it.

  4. nice, short and sweet, and to the point. Thanks for clearing up the "amber" trichomes argument. I prefer the early pick myself, to function and get creative, rather than couch lock or follow the dog around all day.

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