1. Strange process, at 1:06 the corn chips almost magically turn into potato chips. Then thankfully at 1:12, they turn again into the corn chips we all love? For a moment I thought it was a deep state plot to kill off our God-given right for Fritos.

  2. I still make the old eighties taco salad from time to time.
    Leftover warmed taco meat on top of fritos, iceberg lettuce, diced tomato, thin sliced onion or green onion, black olives, Catalina dressing, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, a little sour cream, and usually cilantro since I have it from the tacos the day before.
    Another food memory but one I don't make anymore was ground beef cooked with rice in a chili sauce (similar to sloppy joe but different) on fritos and topped with sharp cheddar and diced onion.
    And then you have frito pie, which does feel like holding a warm bag of dog crap, as anyone who has to pick up after their dog with those little plastic bags can attest to.
    He had nothing to apologize for.

  3. Question, what ever happened to the first Fritos flavor, Bar B Q, perhaps once they had the Bar B Q twists they thought it was redundant but man those original Bar B Q were so good.

  4. Fritos has a long and storied history in San Antonio. Chili con Carne and Fritos go back to the 19th century Chili Queens who sold their Tex-Mex dish from carts in front of the Alamo.

  5. In elementary school we used to have this lunch called "Walking Tacos" rarely. It was just a small bag of Fritos with seasoned beef and shredded cheese poured into it but, it was magical back then.

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