What we can learn from Canada's cannabis experiment | Boston Globe

Globe Cannabis reporter Naomi Martin travels north to take a closer look at how Canada’s legalization process is playing out on the ground in Quebec.


  1. If you dig deeper you'll find out tons of politicians have ether stock or place on the board when they retire of legal cannabis so they shut out the competition to cash in i will never buy legal weed till the system becomes more inclusive

  2. Good first step but now with the new regulations coming in January I see that we are moving a step backwards cuz of the government in Quebec trying to make it 21 ,no smoking in public and the10mg edibles per packaging soo i see that we are moving more towards the black market which is not SAFE!

  3. Psst. We're more worried about agricultural residues, pesticides and herbicides, that we ingest and inhale from either black market or legal dispensaries. THC levels are important but the more serious health issue is related to the production. Thanks for the peak into Canada.

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