What to Expect During Your First Trip to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The ladies of Greenhouse Wellness share what you should be prepared to DO and NOT TO DO in this week’s live #MedicalMonday with Ciara and Dr. Apgar.


  1. if you can even get your meds before the street dealers get them??

    you can expect market manipulated street drug prices…. all the dispensaries are waiting until recreational use is legal before they lower prices IMHO… in other words, screwing the medical patients so as to recoup intitial investment ASAP ….. prices should have been down considerably via market competition by now. Just a couple states west are selling exact same medicine at 1/2 the cost Pa dispensaries are… Terrapin Grapefruit Durban Flower 3.5g is $17 in Colorado…its $35-$45/ 3.5g in Pa.

    all the dispensaries are in knod-n-wink mode IMHO, you all know the deal…

  2. Medical weed is a joke, sure it may help but its a CHOICE not a requirement so all you cry baby card holders need to stfu, stop looking for a handout, a discount and to be treated better than the rest of us. If you go to cvs, do you get put at the front of the line and half off the price over the next guy just because you NEED the same legal meds they are buying? Youre a pot head just like the rest of us so stop acting like some stupid over priced card makes you some sort of special case that deserves more options, better prices, and less wait time than the rest of us. EVERY REVIEW OF SHOPS in mass is med card holders crying and bitching they hotta share a store with rec buyers. Boo hoo!!!! Bunch of goddamn yuppies who were too afraid to buy pot a year ago now think they are experts and above the rest

  3. Why don’t they just have it on an ID card like PA? “Just bring in your 16 digit number I don’t care how it’s written down”. Anyone could bring in any 16 digit number?

  4. Hiiiiiiii guy's I'm a new subscriber 09/26/18 today I got diagnosed with PTSD…GAD Generalized anxiety disorder… Severe depression..yeah I know so many of them.. I've been on paxil, hydroxyzine, xanax which it helps with my disorders but want to go natural way…I was recommended medical marijuana, never tried it I'm 42 yr old female..also some medication I'm taking affected my sex drive… My question is..is there something that can help me with my sex drive to boost it up a little…. Thx so much xoxoxox

  5. Hello i have anxiety and iam trying to find out what kind of medical weed can help me i have been on a lot of meds and they are not helping me at all and the only pill that iam on now is gabapentin and it is not helping me at all so i need your help

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