WHAT IS SWEET LEAF? Harvesting Medical Marijuana is About More Than Just Buds!

Everyone always asks me: What should I use to make the very best medicinal extractions? Well, the answer is simple, friends… Use your sweet leaf!


  1. I'm having difficulty blending the canna-oil into lollipops it separates
    I guess using canno oil isn't the best choice
    I'm making a tincture from Alcohol perhaps that will work better?

  2. Hi, I can't agree more, please send more video our way. I know for some of us it's window shopping at the
    Rich and Famous places, but for some of us sick and poor, those windows are just too far away, nice work!
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you! I am a Massage Therapist and have been working with hemp oil but it is expensive…not I can make my own. stuff! I went raw cannabis a few days ago …loving it.

  4. Was that chocolate or hash? That looked so Yummy I can't smoke because I get to paranoid I think my heart is going to stop cause its beats so load lol. So I eat it and use the oil mixed with Glycerin oil and its the best back rub. no pain and you feel good. hey lets ban a plant that make one feel good. wtf. anyway a great bud I hate the trimming part that is another reason its so much easier to eat and oil it.

  5. Yes you can use fresh leaf (fresh bud, fresh stems) to make extracts and you can eat "raw weed" too (juicing it is much gentler on your stomach than eating it whole) as there are many (so many) health benefits to eating the cannabis plant…No doubt you'll enjoy it in ANY form but if you find that you'd prefer to make things more psychoactive, just let it dry a few days on it's own and you'll see: it gets stronger. Good luck 🙂

  6. What an absolutely beautifully made video in all regards! The message you share is potent, and the divine beauty in your articulation of that message is– in itself– healing. I wish more YouTube vids were even a fraction as good as yours, Mona Lisa. Positively fantastic!

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