1. I had seizures and got hooked on a spice brand but wasnt educated. It was called kush king. And then switched to hetbal maestro. I loved it but they advertise it way different then its made

  2. old video. dont do experimental scientist drugs that is legal to buy. it says on the bag, WARNING: Not for consumption. People that dont use the paper or digital dictionary be like, i am not going to eat this, not knowing that it includes smoking. Tip for future: If it is legal high makes sure its from a dispensary and not a liquor store or smoke shop. DMT is accessible naturally from sleeping.

  3. I used to chew on spice pinch would last 8 hours. if over did it I felt like fainting. well 5x stronger makes sense. clean high one day felt my pleasure droplets like waterfall in my mind pleasure was great. I stopped not knowing long term dangers. small amount goes long wsy

  4. I don't not smoke weed permanently anymore ,any kind of weed is bad. just quit smoking weed y'all poeple say it good ,but for my experience poeple who smoke real weed making thereselve slow

  5. its only called "synthetic cannabis" due to the apperance ONLY. the "herbal mix" is NOT the drug, its the stuff thats sprayed onto it, that has the effect.

  6. I always find it interesting when Dr's talk about drugs they haven't had, there seems to be almost a sense of confusion as to why people do them – which I totally understand, it just seems as though it'd be good to have Dr's actually test these drugs in the right environment to understand them better

  7. If you are looking for a marijuna like high the only way to get it is by smoking weed. There is no drug like it and spice is something completely different. Do not do spice or any other drugs than alcohol weed and shrooms it's as simple as that.

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