What Is CBD Oil?

Find out the answer to the commonly asked question ‘what is CBD?’ Learn how CBD is made and how Endoca makes their extracts with founder Henry Vincenty …


  1. Hi there, greetings from Costa Rica… I love your videos btw. I have a question regarding what happens after you get the extract; I have seen several videos where people after getting the extract they do an additional step to degrease and remove the wax of the extract and they end up with a more oilish product… which are the additional uses of the oil that motivates people to degrease/dewax the extract?? I appreciate your time.

  2. hi. From philippines here. Just want to ask if I can give this capsule to a rectocolon cancer patient?
    we've tried lots of oral chemo and its just getting worst and now we want to try organic. Please help and plase answer. thank you

  3. Hi wery good video I won't to ask my mum is having problem with feets she is 61y and suffering from arthritis and inflammation in her feets Which CBD Will would be best for her in cream Can you please replay thank you

  4. They got child labour?? Legally?? Seriously?! What?? 🤣 And an extraction using just an air?! What is happening here!?
    Update – I think I got it – this must have been just some school trip invited for a tour around this factory, but extraction with just an air is still something I heard of for the first time. If it is true, it is amazing. 🙂

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