What Do The Japanese Think Of Weed? | ASIAN BOSS

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  1. like do they wantthe Japanese and other non weed countries to experiment with weed and legalize(we have enough problems with alcohol we are dealing with…normalizing that won't change the alcohol problem…) And 😂😂😂. USA has a huge drug problem which they keep normalizing and legalizing…. Next you'll here another drug(like cocaine, hallucinogens and others) is legalised in an effort to escape the reality of what drugs are doing to their communities

  2. The old people knows more about the effects than the young people, can somebody that knows japanese culture more than me point what could be the reason of that?

  3. It’s hard enough to get marijuana legalised around the world.
    In Japan it’s so taboo, it’s like trying to legalise public masterbation.
    It’s fun, relieves stress & doesn’t hurt anyone, if you don’t like it, don’t look.. lol

  4. japanese seem like cool ppl and its seems like a good place to visit for sure but its crazy how bias they are to weed meanwhile cigarets are like candy and drinking i heard

  5. It's interesting how instead of stating their thoughts:
    "_here's my opinion_"

    They'll say:
    "_is something people might have an opinion about_"

    It's so strange to see a culture where you have so much hesitation about stating your opinions

  6. 吸いたければ合法の国へ行け


  7. Legalize weed in Japan and I bet the suicide rate will drop to historically low levels. Also it won't be long that the Japanese will have some of the best weeds on the planet, combined with a food consumption increase 😂. Anime and games will improve. The industry will flourish and jobs will be created. Authorities can concentrate on preventing other hard drugs to make it to Japan, like Fentanyl manufactured not to far from there…think really hard about it Japan.

    Sincerely from Canada.

  8. Weed written in kanji 大麻 proof that japan is historically very familiar with this plant introduced from ancient china, this plant has been connected to 日本 for so long thousands of years that it’s become part of the biome and grows naturally in certain areas, give back japan their history

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