WEED was the REAL WINNER of the 2020 election | HasanAbi reacts

HasanAbi reacts to Weed was the real winner of the 2020 election by VOX Original Video: *This is a …


  1. Being a white male I used to smoke weed in public on an obnoxious level and knew that I wouldn't be asked what I was smoking because of how confident I would do it. I don't think black folks have that luxury.

  2. Just think how much republicans could win on issues if they co oped issues or drove the same issues progressives push like this one and another example $15 min wage in Florida

  3. I almost always appreciate not to live in the us and to have a comparatively good social security system in my country (oh and of course not just 2 shitty parties to choose from and shit like that) but now I'm thinkin bout immigrating lol

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